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Michele Lieber serves as President of BluePoint DC and as an Independent Director of Lendmark Financial Services Board of Directors. Lieber founded BluePoint DC in November 2017 after a 25-year career in corporate America. Lieber’s expertise in strategic guidance for CEOs and senior management coupled with education as an attorney has enabled her to be a leading expert in guiding organizations to achieve public policy results. Her track record of success helping to turn around companies facing incredible challenges with local, states and the federal government agencies and legislative bodies during significant corporate events including the financial crisis and the auto industry restructuring has given her the tools to serve as a strategic advisor in Washington DC. Lieber is a government relations attorney who advised four CEOs as a direct report, built and headed the Washington DC office for Ally Financial where she played an important role in the evolution of the company and designed a political program and advocacy function that she has helped other entities replicate in her consulting business over the last several years. Lieber has helped manage challenges for the general counsel of a publicly traded company as the company worked through litigation with a federal government agency. She has built a Washington DC presence for a multinational manufacturer, hired staff and designed an advocacy strategy for the team. Lieber has also recently been advising a FinTech startup navigate the regulatory product approval process.

Prior to joining Ally, Lieber was director of legislative and regulatory affairs for General Motors Corporation (GM). In that position she was primarily responsible for policy strategy, legislative and regulatory leadership for GMAC and GM Asset Management. Before GM, Lieber worked for Zurich Financial Services Group and Federated Investors in key policy roles. Lieber also serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the Washington Literacy Center (WLC).


Lieber has served as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University School of Business and was named to the 100 Leading Women in the Automotive Industry in 2015 by Automotive News. Lieber earned a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University and a juris doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh.

About BluePoint DC President Michele Lieber.

Honors & Accolades 


Michele Lieber was named one of the 2015 Top 100 Women in the North American Automobile Industry.

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Michele Lieber featured in Women in Housing & Finance's Member Spotlight, November 2018

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